1913335_707149842660129_4114802003843622343_o Hi, my name is Kyaw (“Joy”) Hlaing.  I’m the owner of Shan Trex, and would like to welcome you the beautiful hills and mountains of Shan State in the northeast of Myanmar.  I, or one of my assistants, would love to guide you on a trekking and/or motorbiking adventure, visiting and staying in the villages of the ethnic Shan and Paulang communities in remote areas outside of Kyaukme and Hsipaw.


shanstateWe have a wide variety of trips to offer, from trekking only, motorbiking only, and combination of motorbiking and trekking (my favorite).  Most of our trips are in beautiful Shan State, though longer motorbiking trips can take us to neighboring Kachin or Kayah states.  We offer guided trips from 1 day to 14 days, though typically 2 to 4 days is the most common.

For more information about me and my company, please see the “About Us” page.

Please see the “Our Trips” page for more information about the trekking and motorbiking trips we have !





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