Our Trips

A.  Trekking

Hilltribe hiking kyaukme burma
We have guided hill tribe trekking trips for from 1 to 14 days (2 to 4 days is most typical).  We can do medium to hard trekking, for from 4 to 8 hours per day.  Meals are included and we’ll stay in Paulang or Shan villages each night.

Kyaukme is still off the beaten tourist path, so you are unlikely to encounter any other tourists in the villages that we stay in.



B.  Motorbiking

Motorbiking adventures in Myanmar / Burma !A guided motorbiking tour up to the Shan and Paulang villages is a great way to see a lot of remote areas in Shan State, Myanmar.  We have done motorbike trips of from a single day up to 10 days.

Note that you do NOT have to have any experience with motorbikes.  You can use a semi-automatic (foot tapping to change gears and no clutch) – easy to learn in just a couple minutes.  About half of our guests have not ridden motorbikes before.  It’s a lot of fun !

Also note that if you have motorbike experience, we can explore some more challenging terrain on dirt bikes – a lot of fun.  The more days you book, the greater distance we can go and get up into the really remote areas.


C.  Combo Trekking & Motorbiking

This is our most popular guided tour.  It has the benefit of getting some serious exercise for half the day, but with the additional benefit that the motorbikes let us get further into the remote areas.  As mentioned above, no experience necessary for the motorbikes!  And though we are up in the hills and mountains so the trails are not always flat and easy, we typically will not be in areas with much or any traffic, so it’s a great place for first timers.  This is the adventure you came to Myanmar for!

hiking hsipaw / kyaukmehilltribe trekking burma


D.  Mountain Biking

kyaukme mountain biking

We also can arrange guided mountain biking trips, including part mountain biking and part trekking.  Let us know what you want !




Lodging in Kyaukme:
Though lodging in town the night before or the night after our trip is not included, we can help you make reservations at the guesthouses in town.  There are now three authorized guesthouses in Kyaukme (the third just opening on Jan 01, 2015).  If you need contact information (or recommendations) for any of the three guesthouses, just ask !







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