hilltribe trekking myanmarThere are a number of factors that influence the cost of your guided trekking or motorbiking trip, including number of people, whether motorbikes will be included, what type of motorbikes, whether the bikes are for one or two people, length of trip, number of guides, any special requests, etc.  However, as a rough estimate, our guided trips are from 18 to 38 dollars per day per person.  This price includes 3 meals a day !


We have many upfront costs, including rental of motorbikes, purchase of petrol/gas, purchase of food and drink supplies for the trip, payments for staying in the hilltribe villages, etc.  So please understand therefore that we must ask for payment upfront at the time of beginning the adventure !  At the moment we only accept cash payment (kyat or US dollars).

We do not require an advance payment for your reservation prior to the first day of the trip.  However, please realize that we are blocking out your dates and will take your reservation as a commitment on our part that the guided trip will take place.  You too please take this a a commitment and show up !  Thank you.

(Gifts are not at all necessary to give to the host family when we stay in the hill tribe villages.  However some people like to leave small gifts upon departure – please ask if you would like suggestions.  Again, some do this and many do not – so no problem should you prefer not to !)

Lodging in Kyaukme:  Though lodging in town the night before or the night after our trip is not included, we can help you make reservations at the guesthouses in town.  There are now three authorized guesthouses in Kyaukme (the third just opening on Jan 01, 2015).  If you need contact information for any of the three guesthouses, just ask !







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